Sunday, December 26, 2010

Movie Marathon

Today 26.10.2010 was gay movie marathon day for me. Was watching “Glee”, yesterday and I dozed off, no idea what time, and when I woke up, computer was still on. And the first thing which I saw was my pen drive. Got some good movies from a friend of mine and was yet to watch it. So I thought let watch a movie before I get up. And I plugged in the drive, and started to watch the movies. The first one which I chose was ‘Power Tools’, which accidently happened to be XXX movie, so watched it and of course had to bring down the morning boner. Hey guys any idea why do we get a bonner in the morning?

After which I switched on to “Summer Storm”, a feel good movie of friends, and how if you got the right friends we get the power to do what is true to oneself. As the main character says, “Can’t I kiss the girl because I am Gay”, what he is just implying is we are like you.

“Spin the Bottle”, I am sorry but I have not a clue what the movie was trying to say, but I have to say Jonah, he is hot. And his sweet revenge, not sure if he planned it or not, but yes I liked.

“The Trip”
, was simply over the top. Kind of hated the 70’s look but have to say the he can pull of whatever the look is. He is cute he is hot, and got a boyish charm appealing to people. Something which I understood was, if your love is true, where ever you go or whatever you do or how separate you are, if you know he is nearby you will rush to him.

"Yossi & Jagger", you can fall in love anywhere. Be it the icy cold mountains of border patrol. At the end, there is scene, where his (Jagger) mom tells that she did not really know her son. And it was Yossi, who had to tell her that her son’s favourite song was The Soul by Rita. Hey we don’t want to be closeted anymore, dear brothers, sisters, parents, relatives, do you know what my favourite song is?

“Logger heads”, loved the turtles, but sorry apart from that, hmmmm I don’t know. Movie seemed very much intense, actually too complicated for me.

“East Side Story”, was simply entertaining. I just love Mexicans, on the contrary the whole of Latinos. I just love Spanish, Portuguese, sorry don’t understand a single word they say, but I have to say there is passion in language, Seems to convey lot of emotion. And I actually like their English, kind of exotic. Fell in love after watch the movie ‘Women On Top’, Penelope Cruz and her chilli, Woooooh. Ok coming back to the ‘East Side Story’, it is a simple movie, no underlying message and stuff, very colourful and vibrant. A feel good movie, happy thoughts.

Then i switched to a movie “Pedro”. Frankly speaking i was looking a bit of that Latin touch. Yes it did satisfy my Latin craving as Pedro was Mexican basically, but I did not even notice that. It is great great movie, of course an emotional one and I was crying and crying, actually I did not even realize it, but yes it’s a very touching movie. It’s about Pedro, an HIV +ve, who uses his life to educate the masses about HIV and to use protection always be it Vaginal or Anal sex. Actually it’s a true story.

Pedro reminded me of another movie, from my own bollywood, “My Brother Nikhil”, again another awesome movie. It’s about the fight of a Swimming champion who gets affected with HIV to get accepted, and to make people understand that HIV is a disease and anyone can contradict it. Apart from that there is one more reason I love the move, Purab is one of the actors, and I love him, actually I guess it’s because one of my class mates happed to tell me that I look like I ve got no idea, how does he look like me, according to her, it’s our mannerism. God knows what the heck that is. Hey no complaints, I do adore him.

Yup, I have not had a thing to eat accept for cakes and chocolates. Hey did I tell any of you that I shall keep some for you, then I am sorry. Anyways, in the movies list I see 2 more prominent names that I have heard, it’s “Latter Days” & “Shelter”; of course ill watch them pretty soon.

Ok leaving movies apart, let me take time to thank Phunk, in sharing with me “Cherry on the Top” blog award. Thanks a zillion times (hey is zillion a word?). He had urged all his winners to write more, and for a few days I was feeling dry for words or I guess it was the mood. Wanted to write about a party which I had been to.
Hey did I tell you guys that I had my birthday last month, if not 25th Nov was my birthday. So first week of December few of my colleagues had been in town, and they wanted a party, so I said yes and we all went to a dance bar. A Dance bar, ooooooo, I hated it. This is the second time I ve ever been to a dance bar, and I hated it both the times. I don’t get it what is it that people enjoy. It’s basically few women trying to dance, according to me the term dance bar is totally inappropriate and the whole set up is awful, come-on people, it’s supposed to be a bar. All bright lights and the seating are in an examination hall style, and on top once u enter all the waiter’s comes in an shakes your hand. I can’t be rude so I shook the hands, I did it as I thought my colleagues knew them, but it’s later I realised they do the same for all. Hey to me a bar is a place to sit and chat under dim light, don’t mind if it’s lit up if I am at the counter.

Oops as always I end up in a different topic, you know me guys. If my literature beans do not germinate before 31st, its Happy New Year 2011 to all of you. Kisses.


  1. Thnx alot 4 d movie tips ;) been downloading quite a lot of movis myself n dis blogs helps me narrow down a few :)

  2. I've seen's a very good movie..did u kno it's a true story?

    Haven't seen the rest you mentioned...i dled a few gay movies myself...once i hav seen them, i'll post a review about the ones I liked!!! :D

    And congrats on the award...u totally deserved it!!!

  3. @ Ultimate & Phunk

    Thankyou gentlemen for dropping by

  4. I think I'll check out “East Side Story” ..Thanks for sharing!

  5. @ Toy Couture
    Hope you like it.